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News in October 2014 showed increased numbers of “medical mishaps” in DHB hospitals, and this increase is not due to the “increased reporting of events” as currently more ways of not reporting (or not including) incidents and medical mishaps has been developed since last reporting date. For those patients who are “high risk for falls” falling has increased. There is no surprise there, on 11/4/6 I had the first hand experience of the hospital staff deliberately moving me to cause a fall when I was supposed to be immobilized due to my multiple spinal, ribs, pelvic and open skull fractures.

They then discharged me unstable in critical condition to “ACC Active rehab”.They have changed hospitals policies from having human “end of life plans”  into inhuman corporate “end the life plans”. Its a very unhealthy undisclosed plan to be used on vulnerable (and those most in need of care) patients. The way they seem to justify this behaviour is to change the way they see the patient, not as a human being, but reduced to just a conceptual identity. A “case study” or a list of problems is something that can can then be judged as “not deserving of needed medical care/treatments” or “a burden”, this justifies wrong behaviour. Some, like the Drs that are ACC branch medical advisors, their self identity is that of the corporation, their purpose is not one of a doctor it is just to keep hold of the corporate investment fund, the ACC branch medical advisers are “psychopaths”.

Psychiatrist Andrew Lobaczewski author of Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes ” In a pathocracy, all leadership positions, (down to village headman and community cooperative managers, not to mention the directors of police units, and special services police personnel, and activists in the pathocratic party) must be filled by individuals with corresponding psychological deviations, which are inherited as a rule.”

The dysfunctional egos of people in leadership positions lead them to misuse their power “all attempts by normal people to assert their will have to be suppressed, slandered, and vilified, so as to guarantee that no alternative systems threaten to replace the corrupt system established by the ‘elite’. Alternatives present a serious threat to the ruling elite because they open people’s eyes to the prison in which they are currently living. This brings us to the events that we are seeing today.” – Aeneas Georg. As such a common sense approach of a different medical system, a healing system which utilizes body, mind  and spirit, as a solution to the current medical body pathocracy would be strongly resisted by the “District Health board”.

Nov 2014 “ONE of only two electric heart specialists in the lower North Island  quit blaming poor working conditions and a stifling bureaucracy at Wellington Hospital.There is an “abysmal disconnect” between clinicians and management.He also lashed out at Capital & Coast DHB, claiming management “lacked vision” and prioritised cost-cutting.” Cost cutting over service delivery.

An unhappy Dr makes for an unhappy patient.

To be fair to most NZ doctors they have complained to the NZMA in surveys about   stress, excess paper work, the ill informed political policies .This is the new role for Doctors designed by the Crown( Bank of England) for the intent of just cost cutting.

Though the USA has the opposite system-  the bureaucrat  telling the drs to offer (not withold service like in NZ ) lots of diagnostic tests, care and treatments. Here’s one usa Dr ‘s POV of the sick system:

One in four patients in a hospital is harmed in some way from a medical mistake, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Many doctors have been concerned about the quality and mistakes in healthcare, but the culture has been such that it dissuaded open discussion and transparency.

Dr. Martin Makary is the author of The New York Times bestselling book Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Healthcare “[W]hen I was at a major medical conference once, I heard a surgeon at the podium ask the audience of thousands of doctors, ‘Do you know of somebody out there in practice who should not be practicing because they are too dangerous?’ And every single hand went up. Everybody seems to know about this problem. Everybody even knows of somebody who’s too dangerous to be in practice. Yet for a long time, we haven’t been honest about the problem.” The old NZ Health Disability commissioner said 200 drs should be off the roll, but he did nothing to expose or improve the flawed system. In his findings I believe that he intentionally failed to support the HDC code of patients rights . It is just mind boggling and unacceptable that in NZ we also completely lack transparency.

There was a  trend in  NZ Drs  throwing away the practice and opt for higher paid govt  bureaucrat jobs (some even covering up the deteriorated healthcare system or being highly paid  “hitmen” for ACC). The NZ medical system (like many worldwide at this time) is a sick system that has not been diagnosed. The medical staff (much like the conditioned, obedient and fearful German people at the time of Hitler) in the health system either do not see the failures( are paid to cover them up) or are afraid of rocking the boat.  Like the Germans these are just “normal  sleeping” people whose minds have been conditioned to accept their roles – in this case to cost cut by lies and denials  to serve the Crown’s corporate interests. In this NZ medical system there are many cases of rampant negative judgments towards the sick/ ill patient or a complete lack of empathy. Some patients are seen to deserve medical care and others are seen not to. The action of service denial  is then seemingly justified by, not a medical opinion, but a bias neg personal opinion after the fact of the denial of needed treatment. Leaving the sick or injured patient dehumanized AND without medical care or treatment.

My Personal Story: The Crown’s ( Bank of England’s) entity, “ACC”( the Crown’s corporation) and its company(CCDHB): Failed Statutory Obligations and its criminal actions to try to end a lifetime serious injury claim.

I cannot overstate the suffering and pain perpetuated by the CCDHB & ACC decision (4/4/6) to not fund serious acute injury care and fund treatments to fix stabilize, internal neurological  ortho accident injuries. Instead of purchasing and providing serious injury care the CCDHB neuro dept SHO (an ACC branch medical advisor )  forced unsafe, illegal  and inappropriate acc “active rehabilitation”  on my traumatic severe unstable serious injuries( assault and battery).

I had a very serious accident 30/3/6.   Multiple catastrophic injuries  which the drs did not think would be survived and if survived   treatments & lifetime care for my resultant disabilities would be required.{ *Currently the medical system kills patients with severe TBI’s that require lifetime of care (or expensive medical treatment)}.My accident injuries included an open severe Traumatic Brain Injury (including  active  frontal hemorrhage, midline shift,  DAI, Coup-Contrecoup Injury, midline shift, mass lesions all region damage, fractured displaced occipital condyle,multiple  fractures of spine (with spinal cord injury), fractures in 6 L ribs,complex  interarticular  fracture in  L arm, ( L shoulder) into wrist,abdominal, pelvic and gastric injuries, L lung collapse, multiple fractures of sacrum, inferior and superior pubic rami ,illium(chronic pelvic instability).

There was 3 days where I  was  in the ICU, then the accident insurer ACC Branch Medical advisor  started case managing me in the hospital environment (ACC BMA  he is also moonlighting as the CCDHB  neurosurgeon SHO). He removed my  needed level of care  on 4/4/6  on the same day ACC(insurer) covered the accident. On 4/4/6 the CCDHB( public hospital) referred me( in an undisclosed critical condition ) to Accident Compensation Corporation’s “active rehabilitation” .  ACC illegally accepted this unsafe CCDHB referral to acc “Active rehab”. Without consent or disclosure the CCDHB   did an unsafe discharge in critical condition into ACC’s (so called) “active rehab” 13/4/6 . To not have to purchase and provide care and treatments t he CCDHB & ACC misdiagnosed the serious life threatening severe accident injuries as “moderate” . My not being able to breath (or tolerate acc’s illegal “active rehab” )my six rib fractures was changed by CCDHB at an 19/4/6 Emergency room visit diagnosis of an “anxiety attack” . My other (displaced incorrectly treated) open fractures and active traumatic severe TBI, the severe pain from the forced active rehab on them was changed to a psychological diagnosis of “depression” . So my actual physical injuries that were being mistreated by illegal “acc active rehab”( traumatic tbi, fractured ribs, displaced occipital and unstable pelvis) were not covered and were changed to psychological injuries (“mental illness”) to be treated with anti depressants & anti psychotics (with drug oversensitivity). The severe pain from the inappropriate & intolerable “acc active rehab”(assault and battery)on my clinically unstable fractures was said to be due to TBI having ” a low tolerance to pain”.

ACC’s “Active  Assault and battery” by using injury misdiagnoses.

There was no needed   daily ortho & neuro specialist medical input in ACC’s   “active rehab” which I was locked in 13/4/6 -9/5/6  so none of the serious  unfixed and unstable orthopedic, internal  and neurological injuries, vital signs were monitored or cared for.
As the CCDHB had removed the pee tube/ catheter   I was either to lie in my urine in the bed or I was painfully moved to the toilet  outside the room. The  staff  moved me without using a  slide sheet or hoist , if I cried out in pain I was told I was “having a pity party” or I was  “lazy” and  I believed them . Breathing hurt with the 6 rib fractures, collapsed left lung  and pneumonia but they would not provide oxygen . I  was  falling in and out of consciousness, in severe pain , pain that these strange people seemed to me to enjoy increasing pain by moving me .  The ACC “active rehab” team told me they were giving me Clexane (for my traumatic subdural  haemorrhage- a drug to stop clotting)and  that when I fell again I would bleed out . I had multiple hemorrhages and had  already fallen previously at the hospital,( though the CCDHB did not file an incident report). I had(and have  chronic instability) an unstable pelvis that was non weight bearing but they did not care that they were increasing my pain or treating serious injuries incorrectly. After much torture and abuse in terror,  fear for my life I left acc’s ” acc active rehab” for my traumatic severe TBI ( subdural haemorrhages) on 9/5/6 still in critical condition. It is obvious now that the CCDHB & ACC  purpose in forcing active rehab on    me while critically injured was to end my life by assault and battery. My close family (who were in shock) did not know ACC & CCDHB  were trying to “actively euthanise” me with assault and battery. The providers also told them   that I was intolerant to pain because of my  TBI. Whenever  my family visited some of the  the acc active rehab providers  put on different faces .
ACC & CCDHB decided not to purchase and provide my serious acute  injury care which  actually was  and is their legal obligation . The from 9/5/6-20/7/6  I was at home in critical condition without medical input.I was not admitted to the hospital on either of the two visits  to CCDHB where I needed Emergency care . I was left at home in critical condition with no needs, equipment or support from ACC or the CCDHB .  At this time(9/5/5-20/7/6) the public hospital falsified medical record that  they were providing me with (serious)acute  injury care .
Months later following  a community referral to hospital for orthopedic care of my unstable pelvis resulted in the CCDHB putting me (without consent) while critically injured into a  psych  geriatric ward (wrongly classified as “non acute” for more “assault and battery”).   From 20/7/6 -25/8/6 the consultant Dr in charge did not care about any of my untreated severe orthopedic, internal or neurological injuries. I was not allowed to leave and I was forced to take psychiatric medication . I was also bleeding into my brain (active  intraparenchymal haemorrhage ) and  in  place of any monitoring it (or offering surgical fixation for my severe unstable pelvic or other serious  injuries). I was being treated as though I   had a psychiatric problem of “depression”. The acc funded consultant  even hinted to my family he thought  I was somehow faking my actual and real accident injuries pain, the traumatic  severe unstable TBI, spinal fractures &  other severe orthopedic injuries (that he and his mates in the Medical Protection Society MPS  would not care for or treat) . They called their psych geriatric lockup (with  assault and battery ) the  “non confrontational”  approach, the irony was lost on me. 

After yet another unsafe discharge  from the  CCDHB without planning (using  an incorrect diagnosis)   I was back at home a month later . Again in critical condition still without injury fixation,without  serious injury care, daily ortho and neurological medical input or any needed acute support such as mobilization and access needs .  My family was again forced by the CCDHB & ACC criminal negligence to provide 24/7 attendant care.  ACC & CCDHB  denied funding for any serious injury care for my severe and traumatic injuries, denied  acute treatments and hours of attendant care  by continuing to hold a misdiagnosis and incorrect information. Because the psychopaths at ACC  had not killed me as  their criminal negligent  actions were designed to  ACC are still  not covering the  severe accident injuries and criminally managing them by way of using a misdiagnosis.

The Complaint Process in NZ: Formal complaints were made to the HDC, Privacy Commissioners office, govt ACC OCI ,HRC and  Ombudsman in 2007.

None of these( Crown) agents  investigated the complaints. The govt’s “office of ACC complaints” investigator spent many months generating much libel trying  to do  a cover up of “ACC’s active rehab” on critically injured unstable hospital patients. As though ACC can  “case manage” critical ICU patients  in the hospital environment or legally force an acc “assessment process” on clinically unstable patients..( *Related to the endemic corruption I was glad when Snowden provided evidence of the  the lies and corruption of these govt agents in the last spying on citizen surveillance scandal ). I  use to think these offices actually did what they were paid by the public to do. Now I know from research (and experience) they don’t,  they lie and do cover ups.

ACC’s District Court tribunal: In 2007 three appeals on ACC adverse decisions(including ACC  challenged decision  to force active rehab/acc process  on a  a critically injured  TBI patient without consent 4/4/6 ) were put into the Court . Evidence was requested in 2007 for the appeals on ACC’s adverse decisions including  the decisions to not purchase and provide injury care,   ACC’s  incorrect injury diagnosis, my statutory right to an IRP (which ACC denied is their obligation) and entitlements. ACC made its submission on 15/10/7  . The Court then forced a JSC with no remedies for ACC decisions or the CCDHB treatment injuries was provided. The evidence requested from ACC and the CCDHB was not provided for my submissions . Offered  was just   a repeated acc “assessment process” using ACC misdiagnosis, acc assessors and members of the MPS who were defending the CCDHB criminal negligence complaint .  The Court,   angry I would not( could not) obey  ACC’s unsafe illegal unreasonable repeat assessment process  defamed me  said I was “uncooperative” adjourned the appeals sin die after ACC’s 15/10/07 submissions for seven years without remedies for the CCDHB and provider treatment injuries. The court also would not hear and threw out my appeal on ACC’s adverse decision to hold an  injury misdiagnosis( in order to criminally case mange untreated acute complex severe injuries) .  The court hired an Amicus Curae( friend of the court)to help support ACC’s position, the courts discrimination  and to “advise” ACC. With the Court action on my claim I was denied all  needed and identified entitlements . Following the CCDHB’s criminal negligence & treatment injuries I needed my denied acute medical treatments  overseas with independent (not with ACC’s abusive psycho contractors and providers).I was being punished for ACC’s illegal  decisions on my claim to case manage in hospital environment -which ACC cannot do it is illegal .

So no requested evidence or disclosure has been provided by the corporation yet . The  Court’s friend/AmiCus Curae  lied and said in 2014 that the ACC respondent did not have appellant’s postal address to send the evidence requested (also through the court)  in 2007. And yet ACC and the court  do have the address, ACC used the postal address in 2013 ACC  constructed a false debt  and gave private details to an overseas collection agent  just to harass and threaten  the family. This occurred  a few months before the Amicus Curae lied that the Court and ACC don’t have the respondents  postal address.The  very same court(ACC) funded  Amicus Curae also said in 2014 she told ACC lies that appellant/I did not want the requested information/evidence . We believe the Amicus Curae’s (a  private law firm ) job is to cover up discrimination, human rights violations  and the foul play that has occurred in the Court.

Last minutes from the new Judge in sept 2014 (Judge is a treaty specialist who does not know the ACC IRPC Act) set up a “2014 timetable for the 2007 appeals” . The Court heard ACC submission on 15/10/7 then adjourned appeals sin die, following ACC submission it has changed the scope of appeals to refuse me the right to challenge ACC adverse decisions. The court would not and will not address issues and matters in the complex appeals that should have been put in the  high court in 2007.
This 2014 so called “timetable” for the 2007 appeals in which appellant is given one week and is suppose to make submissions without evidence requested from ACC & CCDHB- without disclosure . Now my  right to challenge ACC’s adverse decisions( a right  under the IRPC Act) has been taken away .  Judge’s 12/9/14 minutes clearly says all content, matters  and issues of the  appeals: IRP ACC’s statutory obligations, (level of)entitlements, acc’s injury misdiagnosis ,injury diagnosis,assessments,analysis of correspondence, IRP, treatments,level of care or any issues or matters in court  will now not be considered relevant by the court with his “scope change”.
The Judge even said in his minutes that he found my human rights violations were irrelevant,  he ignores all my injuries and background . It is an abuse of legal process and discrimination as  the very right to challenge ACC’s  decisions by appeal has been denied by the  Court by its unfair and unjust  treatment. Before even hearing appellants submissions, not allowing disclosure, the appellant is told no issues or matters   will be heard by the Court . The  Judge’s 12/9/14 decisions mean (in this case) ACC has no statutory obligations( in this case). I had no right to IRP,( no serious injury care ,acute  treatments and no needed (and identified) entitlements following ACC’s months of assessment process done illegally & without consent .   Seven years later 21/9/14 we still cannot get ACC’s  to change any of  their illegal decisions or recognize they have statutory obligations which they have failed .

I could not get the courts pre approval for my identified serious injury  care or acute treatments overseas with independent and trusted providers > It is acute  injury care other people get without having to go to court,  other people, without TBI,   go to the public hospital and get acute injury care, but this legal right was a service which are denied to me since 4/4/6 adverse decisions .I have just been denied the right to an IRP(individual rehabilitation plan) by the court who told me  the facts, issues, matters and background of  my appeals on ACC decisions  are” irrelevant” .
ACC made their submission on 15/10/7, apparently this the court on reconvening (under protest with request for leave and legal representation) seven years later ( not allowing fair process, or remedies for ACC’s criminal management). The court will not even acknowledge me (or my request for leave & legal representation)

Ombudsman Letter 20/10/14   “20/11/14 response deadline, insults, no access to the denied public services  & underlying threats”

Is  the Ombudsman independent ? A) No. It is a Crown entity and as such  it has no independence from the other crown  entities. The ombudsman office just covers up the wrong actions, misdeeds and crimes of the Crown,  that appears to be its only function. Many others with research and experience of this Crown entity may  agree that there is no independence such as Roger Brooking in his disclosure of the office’s ” investigations” .  “Another  letter written by the Chief Ombudsman reveals disturbing questions about its relationships and its actions”     Is the lack of sufficient oversight by the Ombudsman in this case typical of “oversight” into the other 90 unnatural deaths in just one of the Crown institutions    in the last ten years?  Is  the lack of oversight, the  covering up crown entities wrong doings and not having  independence    in this offices investigations?  A) Yes.


Issues and matters about ACC’s adverse decisions to  start criminally case managing  me  clinically unstable  & severely injured on 4/4/6 were put in court.  The Ombudsman is discussing matters and issues in her letter that  are in the Court .Suggesting another  meeting only for the purpose of  ” me discussing  my response with her staff”. Identified legal entitlements following acc (& CCDHB clinical)assessments were denied, I was abused, assaulted and battered and the govt thinks its ok to treat patients with TBI in the way it does.The Ombudsman did not take steps necessary to investigate any of the  complaints about the criminal actions or the discrimination of ACC, CCDHB &  the MSD . The Ombudsman  did confirm again that would not investigate any of the many complaints against the MSD  adverse decisions.

My access to my legal entitlements was blocked by (CCDHB illegal referral  to acc & )ACC 4/4/6 decision to not fund identified acute care for (or acute treatments) for  my severe accident injuries.  The CCDHB & ACC  made decisions on 4/4/6 instead to  start assault and battery. I have no access to serious injury care,denied medical  needs, treatments  and no entitlements,  this is a fact  ( this was action which followed the completed “ACC assessment process’ ).  I claim ACC had, and still has,  legal obligations and I have rights but the Ombudsman, with her hazy corporate tinted glasses, does not recognize facts.

The district court not only refused me the inherent in the IRPC Act right to challenge ACC decisions but also refused in 2007 transfer urgent human  rights violations in appeals to the high court. My right  to not be “Actively Euthanised ” by acc active rehab &  assessment process while in critical condition ( assault and battery) .  The hospital  and ACC case management in hospital, were criminal to force movement, weight on non weight bearing fractures, increase pain  and to cause injuries.

In sept 2014 the court said in a memo that, in this case the background, issues and matters were irrelevant (illegal case management in hospital environment) and the completed acc assessment process . The court has criminal jurisdiction, ACC actions were criminal , ACC cannot legally “case manage”/force active euthanasia  using  misdiagnoses .
ACC’s District court now thinks it can set down a hearing { and can reconvene} on three complex appeals outside its jurisdiction ( me without needed disclosure and evidence requested in 2007) & without considering matters and issues.

To me this is a test case on whether or not ACC(Crown’s accident  insurers) can take vulnerable critically injured patients from the hospital( without consent)  to “ACC active rehab”  to assault and batter them to death. Can the Crown leave these urgent  appeals (one for the denied acute inpatient specialist   injury care )in the district court adjourned sine die for 7 years without legal remedies then dismiss appeals unheard for the denied acute public service, criminal management, breach of contract  & assault and battery.

I have omitted details of the horrific abuse I suffered (verbal, psychological and physical ) and I do not describe the intense pain from what was done to me. What I do want  to say  can be counted as  the most  important part in the story. I hope this will help other people who have a victim story by my explaining something I learn’t . The victim identity is the belief that the past is more powerful than the present. That is incorrect as the present moment, or the NOW, is the most powerful . Key to surviving the “monster that the ACC has become”( or  the collective  egoic mind structure),  is to not to get  lost in the story( the past) .  I do not say this is not difficult  but one must try, and try again. The people who work for ACC(the Crown) are much like zombies that   have forgotten their humanity and now think they are “ACC” the corporation, the corporation values not life but money(greed and other negative ideas) .  The weakest minds at ACC  do anything they are told, the most corrupt do this for money, others make up justification but are deeply unhappy.It is important to understand that   you shouldn’t  take it personally for  they know not what they do, they do not even see you as a human being.They are identified with the organization its  much like a cult.
The Crown’s (pathological & illegitimate govt) have been exposed by Nicky Hager as being corrupt. The legal  outcome is that of a bullying and corrupt govt, one  that does not care about NZBORA, human rights or obeying its own processes or laws. The Crown’s govt has changed its scope from  “governance” to that of being “fascist dictators” . We do not deserve this govt,  the corporate media lies to  us and tells us we do, we didn’t even vote it in.  We the people are not powerless,  the bank of England’s Crown corporation rely on non thinking obedience to control us, they  are afraid of us discovering how powerful we are .  Here’s to a new earth  where the  real joy, love and peace of humanity reigns.

Positive note , Quest  to Not Become The Victim Identity: The Metaphysical side

Having a disabling  accident that destroys your mind made identity(identified with body, social status, employment, economic state) leaves your sense of who you are gone. You find the person you thought you were is not who you are. But at the same time this “disaster”  can  be  an opportunity.  Accepting the unacceptable is extremely powerful.This does not mean you cannot act to change your situation, it does not mean “giving up” .  But thinking “I do not want to be in pain , I should not be in pain, I would not be in this much pain if my injuries were cared for or treated” is non- acceptance .   I have found negative thoughts  (and negative people) can   increase  my pain and creates a vicious circle . Acceptance of what is  also means that if there is something that can be done that you can do to improve your situation you can do it. Maybe there is nothing that can be done and in this case surrender fully.  Inner conflict and negativity will cease.

To learn that Doctors identify with the corporation  and will not act independently, will do harm was a very difficult discovery for me. At first I could not believe they, as drs, would refuse me acute injury care for my severe injuries  and  instead   cause great pain and suffering trying  to assault and batter me to death at the whim of the corporation who had breached contract, broken the law and denied funding all their legal obligations.

“It is simply no longer possible to believe or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” —Marcia Angell, MD (“Drug Companies and Doctors: A story of Corruption.” NY Review of Books, Jan. 15, 2009.)